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How to Update Your Show's RSS Feed in Spotify
How to Update Your Show's RSS Feed in Spotify

How to change which RSS feed Spotify is using for your show

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When do I need to update my show's RSS Feed URL on Spotify?

If the RSS feed URL for your show has changed since it was originally submitted to Spotify (if you just changed podcast hosting platforms, for example), you'll need to login to and update which feed Spotify is checking to get your show.

1. Login to, then click on your show.

2.  Click on the Details link 

3. Click the Update button

4. Paste in your show's new RSS Feed URL, then click the Next button

5. Confirm your hosting provider is correct, and that everything looks good.

That's it! Your show RSS feed URL has now been updated in Spotify. Spotify will begin checking it instead of your previous feed URL.

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How To Contact Spotify Support

If you run into any problems with Spotify, check their Spotify for Podcasters FAQ.
If you aren't able to find the answer to your question, you can reach their support team at

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