Major Podcast Directories

Publishing your podcast in popular podcast directories and apps is easy and free! Here is a break down of the process:

  1. Setup your podcast on Simplecast.
  2. Publish at least one episode.
  3. Submit your show to the podcast directories (a one-time process that usually starts by submitting to Apple Podcasts through Apple Podcasts Connect).
  4. Get approved and listed in each directory and share your voice with the world!
  5. Produce and manage your entire show in your Simplecast dashboard including publishing new episodes and making edits to the show or episode details!
  6. Once you press 'Save' in your Simplecast dashboard, your RSS Feed updates and when your RSS Feed updates, the directories will also update your show (the directories do not update instantly, but usually within a few hours).

How It Works

Most podcast directories and apps will monitor the RSS feed that Simplecast provides and updates for your show after you submit your RSS feed URL to those directories. 

Whenever you publish a new episode in your Simplecast account, the directory or app will see that a new episode, display it and notify anyone who has subscribed to your show that a new episode is available for download or streaming. 


All you need to do is make sure that you have:

  • Filled out all the information about your podcast inside the Show Settings page of your Simplecast dashboard.
  • At least one published episode in order for your feed to be approved.
  • Provide the directories (such as Apple Podcasts or Spotify) with your show's RSS feed URL

Must-Submit Podcast Directories

Here are the most popular places to submit a podcast RSS feed (or where you can go if you need to update your existing podcast's RSS feed URL):

  1. Apple Podcasts - To submit a new show, click here. If your show is already in Apple Podcasts and you'd like to provide them with a new, different RSS feed, you'll need to copy your new RSS feed URL and log in to Podcasts Connect. Click on the podcast you'd like to update, then enter in your new RSS feed.
  2. Google Podcasts - If you're using Simplecast, we've got you covered with our Simplecast Google-Podcasts ready websites! Click here for more information.
  3. Spotify - To submit your show to Spotify, you will first need to log into Spotify's Podcasters Portal. We recommend creating a new account for your podcast(s) versus linking to a personal account. It will take a couple of hours for your podcast to be reviewed and submitted. If you need to update which RSS feed URL Spotify is checking for your show, you'll need to email their support team. We have instructions and an email template you can use here.
  4. Stitcher - If you need to sign up for a new account, click here. If you need to update your podcast's RSS feed, you have to contact support.
  5. TuneIn - To add a brand new show, click here. To update an existing RSS feed, fill out their Submit Your Podcast form and enter your program ID (click here for instructions on how to find your ID) in the "Comment" field, and the TuneIn support team will update it accordingly.
  6. iHeart Radio - Please use this form to submit your show(s) to iHeart Radio. To update your podcast that is already on iHeartRadio complete this form.
  7. Deezer - To submit your show to Deezer, click here.
  8. Pandora - Complete Pandora's intake form here
  9. Pocket Casts- To submit your show to Pocket Casts, click here.
  10. RadioPublic - Submit your show by following the steps here.
  11. Google Play Music - To submit a new podcast, click here and click the 'Publish' button. To update your existing podcast's RSS feed, you'll need to log in using the link above, click on the settings icon, select Help & Support, and email support.
  12. Overcast - Overcast can find your RSS feed automatically as long as it's in Apple Podcasts.


Q: How do I find my Simplecast RSS Feed URL?

A: You can find it in the Distribution Settings from the dropdown menu on the top left corner of your Simplecast account. Here is this helpful article with more details.

Q: What about Soundcloud?

A: SoundCloud is a hosting platform that does not pull information about episodes from an RSS feed the same way that the other podcast directories do. If you find value in publishing on SoundCloud, you'll need to manage a hosting account with them and also upload new episodes manually.

Q: What about my own website (WordPress, Squarespace, and other CMS platforms)?

A: Websites do not operate like podcast directories. They will not list your episodes and episodes notes as blog posts. Our embed players make it easy to share your episodes on your own website.

Q: How long does it take to get my podcast approved?

A: Approval times vary for every directory. Review their documentation or contact the podcast directory's support team for more information on approval timeframes. We would love to help speed up the process but we do not have that access. It's completely in the control of the directories. 

Q: Will I have to submit my podcast every time I publish a new episode?

A: No. Once your show is approved you control the entire show here from your Simplecast account. That includes publishing new episodes and making any edits to the show or episode details (audio files too).

Q: Can I publish my episodes on YouTube?

A: There isn't currently a way to automatically publish episodes to YouTube (they don't use RSS feeds), but we're working on something to make publishing to YouTube possible. Stay tuned for more info.

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