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Scheduling an Episode to Unpublish
Scheduling an Episode to Unpublish

How to schedule an episode to unpublish from your RSS feed

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We all appreciate the convenience of being able to schedule episodes to publish at a specific date and time in the future. It allows us to get ahead on our shows and maintain consistency with our release schedules. But, there are several scenarios in which it may be tremendously helpful to schedule an episode to unpublish from our RSS feed.

For example, as you likely know already, it's not possible to submit your RSS feed for distribution to the various listening apps for approval without having at least one episode published. But, maybe you don't want your first episode to be available until a specific launch date. With scheduled unpublishing, your life just got easier, because now you can publish a placeholder "episode" to use when submitting your show, then schedule it to unpublish automatically when your real first episode goes live!

Or perhaps you'd like to provide early or limited access to an episode before placing it behind a paywall of some sort. Well, now you can!

This article will guide you through the very simple process of scheduling an episode to unpublish at a particular date and time!

Scheduling an Episode to Unpublish

The process for scheduling an episode to unpublish is nearly identical to that of scheduling an episode to publish.

  1. On the EPISODES page of your dashboard, click on one of your published episodes.

  2. Click on the Quick Menu (...) next to the episode Publish Date, and select SCHEDULE TO UNPUBLISH.

  3. Select the Date and Time you'd like the episode to be unpublished from the calendar that opens up.

  4. Once you've selected the Unpublish Date and Time, click the green SCHEDULE UNPUBLISH button on the right-hand side.

  5. In the dialog box that pops up, confirm you'd like to schedule the episode to unpublish by clicking the YES button.

That's it! Now the episode is scheduled to be unpublished at the exact date and time you specified! You'll see this reflected in the Publishing section of the Episode Preview page.

Editing or Removing a Scheduled Unpublish

If you change your mind, and you'd like to either leave the episode published or modify the date and time for it to be unpublished, you'll follow a very nearly identical process.

  1. Click on the Quick Menu (...) next to the episode's scheduled unpublish date, and select either EDIT UNPUBLISH DATE or REMOVE UNPUBLISH DATE.

  2. If you're editing the unpublish date, simply select a new date and time from the calendar dropdown, just as you did previously. If you're removing the unpublish date, so as to keep the episode live in your RSS feed, simply confirm on the dialog box that pops up by once again clicking the YES button.

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