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How to Move Your Podcast From Transistor to Simplecast
How to Move Your Podcast From Transistor to Simplecast

Quickly and easily import your show from Transistor to Simplecast while keeping all your listeners.

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This article will guide you through the very simple steps to:

  1. Import your podcast from Transistor to Simplecast,

  2. Redirect your Transistor RSS Feed, so as to keep your listeners, and

  3. Delete your Transistor subscription.

πŸ“Œ Before getting started, it's recommended that you open your Transistor dashboard in one browser tab, and your Simplecast dashboard in another, as you'll be moving between the two for different steps in the process. You'll also need to have access to the inbox of the email address listed as the Show Owner of your RSS Feed.

Importing Your Podcast

Within your Transistor dashboard, click on the show you'd like to import to Simplecast.

In the lefthand side menu, click on DISTRIBUTION.

Click on the CLIPBOARD ICON to copy your Transistor RSS Feed URL.

In the dropdown menu in the upper lefthand corner of your Simplecast dashboard, click CREATE NEW SHOW.

When prompted to choose between importing an existing show or starting from scratch, select IMPORT EXISTING SHOW.

In the dialog box that opens:

  • Paste in your Transistor RSS Feed URL.
    ​(πŸ“Œ You may also search for your show by title in this field, if your show is listed on Apple Podcasts).

  • Click on the TITLE of your show

  • Click the CHECKBOX to confirm that you have the right to import this podcast

  • Click IMPORT

The system will automatically send an email to the address listed as the Show Owner in your RSS feed to confirm that you are authorized to import the show.

πŸ“Œ Transistor does have a feature in their Advanced Settings that allows you to block a feed from being imported. If you're unable to import the feed, you will want to check and make sure that feature is disabled in your Transistor dashboard.

Check the inbox for the email address listed as the Show Owner in your RSS feed, and click the CLICK HERE link to begin the import process.

πŸ“Œ If you don't receive the email in your inbox, be sure to check your Spam/Junk folders in case it's being filtered out.

Once the import request has been authorized, Simplecast will make an exact copy of everything in your Transistor RSS Feed.

Once the import is complete, your new show will appear in your Simplecast dashboard, containing all the episodes you had published in your Transistor RSS Feed.

Redirecting Your RSS Feed

The next step in the process will be to redirect your Transistor RSS Feed to your new Simplecast RSS Feed.

πŸ“Œ It's vital that you don't submit this redirect until you've confirmed that all episodes were copied properly, and you're ready to begin publishing new episodes from Simplecast exclusively.

If you are ready to begin using the Simplecast RSS Feed exclusively, and everything has been imported properly, click on the GEAR ICON in the dropdown menu in the upper lefthand corner of your Simplecast dashboard.

Next, click on DISTRIBUTION in the lefthand side menu.

Click on the COPY button next to your Simplecast RSS feed URL.

Within your Transistor dashboard, click on SETTINGS in the lefthand side menu.

In the ADVANCED SETTINGS section of that page, paste your Simplecast RSS Feed URL into the PERMANENT REDIRECT field.

Click the SAVE CHANGES button.

This redirect will automatically update most listening apps to begin pointing to the new Simplecast RSS Feed, keeping your followers, ratings, and reviews in tact.

πŸ“Œ There are a few listening apps you'll need to update manually, however. Specifically: Spotify, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn.

Deleting Your Transistor Subscription

Once the various apps have had sufficient time to update with the new RSS feed, (we recommend leaving the 301 Redirect in place for 10-14 days minimum), you will be free to delete your show from Transistor.

Near the bottom of that same page, click the DELETE SHOW button.

When the system prompts you to do so, type DELETE MY PODCAST into the field provided, then click the DELETE THIS SHOW button beneath it.

Once the show is deleted, you may also delete your Transistor account.

In the dropdown menu in the upper righthand corner of your Transistor dashboard, click YOUR ACCOUNT.

Next, click the I'D LIKE TO CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION button.

Read through the prompt that follows, and if you so choose, click the I UNDERSTAND. CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION button to confirm.

With that, your show has been successfully moved from Transistor to Simplecast, and your Transistor account has been closed. Welcome to Simplecast! We're happy to have you!

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